In modern world ruled by populism, capitalism and religion, I am looking for traces of rationality, objectivity and honesty. People live in individual bubbles, painted from inside with colorful stereotypes and prejudices. Fake detailing of the world through the prism of populism prevents us from fixing real problems in reality, which does not depend much on our opinion. We are used to the fact that we define reality using irrational opinions and views. We repeat: “There are many truths!”. We are deceiving ourselves by living in one physical reality and dividing it into numerous opinions-universes. The opportunity for the change needs the insight of humanity. We can only solve our problems if we step out into the real world from our individual imaginary bubbles. The search of real truth is more important than attempts to make our irrational thoughts come true. This will never happen; the universe does not take our opinion into account. The universe is real, our unfounded opinions are illusions, that exists only in our heads.

This is idea that I embody in my art.

I invite you to join the search for rationality in our reality!

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