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“Ok, let’s do it one time more!”
“Where is my doctor? You will mess it all up again!”
“Please, calm down, focus on the words.”
“Go on, whatever, not that I have something else to do…”
“Virus. Provocation. Slip away. Lunatic dementia. They will creep under your skin and take control. You think that you are you, but it is not. They think for you, and you don’t think at all. Slip away.”
“Okay, interesting. Let’s continue. Doll.”
“Dummy. Poppet. Have you noticed how they always double it up? The description fully reveals their essence. Doubling, unlinking, coping, elimination of the original. Puppet world, plastic, everything is copied.”
“Fiber. Rope. String. The threads run through threes. Through you. Through me. Through bugs and dolls. They, like a system of one organism, set the rhythm of our entire planet. I wish I could find a thread that reaches out to my doctor, but I have to listen to you! Do you know who I am? You have no idea!”
“Please do not be distracted, concentrate on words! Screen.”
“Shield. Shade. Slide. System. System systematically synchronizes similar slides. Sadness. Safety. Satisfaction. Searching secrets, synchronizing, separating slides. Shows selected slides. Classification. Error. Error… You see, they double it up again!! We have no control over anything. You urgently need to contact my doctor. You have no idea what you are dealing with.”
“We have already discussed this today. Concentrate on words, please. Office.”
“The Bureau. Department. Committee. We are sitting here in the box and they copy and double everything. Maybe they sent you and took my doctor. Most likely he’s just a doll already…”
“You get distracted again...”
“No, this is what you are trying to do! You are distracting me!”
“Ok, let’s try to continue tomorrow, take rest!”
“Where is my doctor? I will complain to the Committee! Why are you leaving? Error! Error!”

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