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Who am I? I am looking through the glasses of a thousand windows at the world.
I see nothing but lines of the reflected light and shadows.
Who are you? Do you think you can see me? Can you?
How many layers cover your vision? Do you see shadows?
Light reflection play out amazing combinations. A kaleidoscope of events for the observer.
The Slide Projector turns on a New Slide and leaves the questions behind. For now.
The Sun. Desire for Life. Body automation. A naive illusion.
Endless red extends. My eyes are closed.
Today the weather was gloomy, tomorrow it will be the same.
But everything changes. All the time.
Today I stand with my eyes closed, and tomorrow you. And then everything changes.
I think about the meaning of your existence. You don’t think at all. And then everything changes.
Such a carousel.
All from the fact that no one is aware of the Plan. The Plan was not provided.
No one published the rules of this game.
And we have not yet managed to invent or come up with such a thing. Neither you or me.
So I am closing my eyes, and I see solid red. You close your eyes.
We both go into this redness. Leaving our house behind. Everything is blurred.
The flow of energy and heat. This universe is left behind. New Slide.
A repeating series of events. Emergencies. Nobody reported. The news was not announced.
And everybody knows. Perfect ignorance.
How many more times do I have to close my eyes to stay in red forever?
Endless red extends. And then everything changes.
Who am I? Familiar lines and shadows. Glass by glass by glass. All mine.
Do you see who am I?
In this territory we are both blind and useless.
Let’s go back to the infinitely expanding red.

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