Susan & Daisy

“Hey-hey! Hello! I tried to find you everywhere!” Daisy landed next to Susan on a yellow kitchen lamp. “Have 
you seen the titbit on the south window sill? It is amazing!”

”Hi! I was there in the morning for 3 hours and could not bring myself to get down.”

“I have never eaten this before. Life never ceases to amaze me.”

“Yes, it was something new.” Daisy began to rub heavily with her hands. “Now I need a long washing procedure. 
I was all smeared in this fresh juice.”

“Despite the gourmet food, I begin to worry about this place. Yesterday after lunch had a conversation with my 
uncle Rick on the kitchen counter. And in the middle of the conversation something huge smeared Rick all over 
the cabinet. Panic swept through me and I simply circled hysterically until I found a gap between the closet and 
the wall where I slept until the morning.”

“I already heard similar stories... I have gotten used to it a long time. I like food stories way more.”

“Doesn't it scare you? You've already lived here for several cycles. Aren't you afraid of what is happening? What 
exactly is happening? Why does this haunt us? What is the whole point of our existence? What is behind the 
Great Glass?”

”Well, you know,” Daisy looked perplexedly at Susan. “You ask too many questions. Perhaps the point of our 
existence is to be smeared in the end.”

“You are always so negative and pessimistic!”

”After a few cycles you will think the same,” muttered Susan and continued to clean her hands.